The The Whisky

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Sherry Oak

The Sherry Oak range is exclusively matured in sherry seasoned oak casks from Spain and America for a beautifully dark, full flavoured single malt whisky.

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Fine Oak

Triple cask matured in a complex combination of European and American oak seasoned with sherry and American oak seasoned with bourbon.

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The 1824 Series

The 1824 Master Series brings together two of The Macallan's greatest strengths: natural colour and sherry seasoned oak casks.

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The 1824 Collection

Each whisky in this range tells a story about The Macallan - its long history, rich traditions and legendary dedication to quality.

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Limited Releases

A selection of the finest and rarest single malts that celebrate the mastery behind its making.

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Edition Series

A unique selection of oak cask styles are combined to yield a new expression each year.

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Fine and Rare

The Fine and Rare range of vintage single malt whiskies sits at the apex of The Macallan range.

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The Macallan In Lalique

A historic alliance of artistry and craftsmanship, spirit and style.

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The Macallan Masters of Photography

A series of unique bottlings inspired by some of the world's top photographers.

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